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Walking in the country without borders.
The Euregio Maas-Rijn (Meuse-Rhine) is one of the oldest cross-border collaborations in Europe. 
This region is based in the basin of the two rivers the Meuse (Maas) and the Rhine (Rijn) and on the section where the borders of Holland, Belgium and Germany meet. It unites the Region Aachen, the southern part of the Dutch province Limburg, the Belgian provinces Limburg and Liège, and the German-speaking community of Belgium. The Euregio Maas-Rijn looks after the interests of the 3.9 million inhabitants of the region. Since 1990, the partner regions work together more closely in the areas of economics, tourism, nature, environment, traffic and other areas that are important to the inhabitants.
As a part of this future aimed collaboration, six befriended walking clubs from the region decided to organise an annual walking trophy aimed at the promotion of the region, its rich nature and culture. This walking trophy is called the EUREGIO MARCHING TROPHY or EMT for short.
The participating walking clubs are:
from the Netherlands, the Veldlopers Gulpen and JO-NE Vijlen; 
from Belgian Limburg, the Berg- & Boswandelaars Voeren and the Heikneuters Genk; 
from the Walloon provinces in Belgium, Les Marcheurs de l’Alliance Warsage and 
from Germany, Touristenverein 1910 Venwegen. 
All clubs are members of the I.V.V. and are a member of one of the following associations N.W.B/L.W.B. (NL), V.V.R.S. (B), V.W.F. (B), F.F.B.M.P.(B) and D.V.V. (FRG). The basic principle is that every participating walking club has to organise one walk for the EMT each year. 
The basic principle is that every participating walking club has to organise one walk for the EMT each year. 
The goal of the organisation is to show our beautiful nature to as many people as possible. And we also like to introduce people from all corners of the world, young and old, to walking. They will discover wonderful surroundings and get to know walkers from various nationalities. Eventually these walks will lead to a regular visit to the Euregio and to contributions to the economic development of our region. 
The starting and halting places are always well stocked with food and drinks for very reasonable prices. 
The suggested distances are manageable for all walkers, young and old. The walks are also suitable for disabled people. There is no minimum speed. Everyone walks according to their own possibilities. 
The EUREGIO MARCHING TROPHY is not only open to walking clubs or committees, but also to all individual walkers, whether they are members of walking clubs/associations or not.
The various events are also open to walkers who cannot participate in the entire program of the EUREGIO MARCHING TROPHY. 
All walkers who visit all participating clubs within two years will be rewarded with a “EUREGIO MARCHING TROPHY” souvenir, a certificate and an EMT badge. 
The EMT Club TROPHY is open to all clubs who are members of a recognized walking federation. All clubs that enlist at least 10 participants to six of the seven walks of the annual EMT cycle will be included in the EMT overall standings. The fifteen best ranked clubs are eligible for a prize and the winner gets to show off the EMT Challenge Cup.